Kentaro's Song

The Tale of Kentaro Sings-of-the-Past, Hakken Moon Dancer

Inuyama Kentaro
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Disclaimer: This is a journal for a fictional character. None of this is real. If you think you or the writer of this journal are werewolves as described in White Wolf's World of Darkness games, you should seek professional help.

Kentaro Inuyama teaches Global Studies at William Bridges High School in Oakville, PA.

To the hengeyokai, he is Sings-of-the-Past, a Moon Dancer of the Hakken, and Lantern of the Lightning Strikes from Clear Skies sentai.

Description: Kentaro is 5'10" tall, with an athletic frame and a swordsman's muscles (he's a staunch kendo enthusiast). His blue-black hair is worn long on top, shorter on the back and sides. Dark brown eyes look out at the world from behind square-framed glasses; an astute observer may notice that he seems to see just as well without them. His taste in clothing runs toward button-down shirts and khakis, though he's sometimes seen in jeans on the weekends. He often has a small, cloth-bound notebook with him, and can be seen writing in it in his spare moments.

Kentaro also appeared in a slightly different incarnation in emeraldshadows and emerald_facets.