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Kentaro's home in Oakville

((This occurs after the May 17, 2008 game session.))

Kentaro unlocks the door and slips out of his shoes on the threshold. He deposits the leather shoulder bag containing his lesson plan book and other teaching materials on the floor near the couch, and flops down on the cushions, taking a moment to stretch.

Just at that moment, his cell phone rings. **What in the...?** He pulls it from the holder on his belt. "Hello?"

His eyes go wide as he hears the voice on the other end. "Yuki-neesan?" There's a pause as he listens to her speaking in rapid Japanese, and then he replies in the same language. "[He is? When?]" He runs a hand through his hair as he makes some mental calculations. "[It'll be at least two hours.]" A pause. "[No, it's all right - of course he can stay with us.]" **As if the family would let me hear the end of it if I said he couldn't.**

He sighs faintly, and hopes she doesn't hear. "[All right. I'll pick him up in a few hours.]" Pause. "[Yes, give my love to otosan and okasan.]"

He hangs up, then taps into the sentai's bond with their totem spirit. {Mongoose, please tell the rest we will be having a guest soon.}

Psi-Con, the Dealers Room

((This scene takes place on the same weekend as this one))

Dressed in a red satin tunic over a full-sleeved white shirt and black leggings, Kentaro peruses a display of DVDs as he waits for the others to arrive. **We have that one...that one's tolerable, but it gets too emotional later on...Michiko might like that one....**

He pauses to consult his watch. **I wonder if their events are over yet?**

As he waits, a plump, sweet-faced young woman dressed as Hyuga Hinata passes by and squeals with excitement as she notices his outfit. "Oh, my god! You're Hotohori, right? Could I take your picture?"

A bit startled by the intensity of her reaction, but nevertheless flattered by the attention, he nods. "Certainly, miss." With a flourish, he strikes a pose, holding it until she snaps the photo.

He can't help smiling a little as she thanks him profusely and rushes off. **It seems otaku are alike the world over.**


Sakura Hanami - our dinner with the Ryans

((OOC: This takes place between the April 21 and May 5 tabletop sessions. Players in War for the Oaks will please consider this entry to be OOC information. Posted with shun_ototo's permission.))

Wearing a dark blue suit under his brown trench coat, Kentaro enters Sakura Hanami with Shun. The familiar smells of Japanese cooking make him feel pleasantly at home for the first time in months as he looks around for Ciara and the others.

Shrugging out of his coat with an almost negligent grace, he drapes the garment over his arm as the waiter approaches. "Konban wa," he says in Japanese. "We're here to meet Ciara Ryan and the rest of her party?"


This is a journal for a fictional character in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game. None of the people or events mentioned in this journal are real (much as we might like them to be!).